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Welcome to DollarPips.com, your one stop to the exciting world of online Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading. Forex market is the largest financial market in the world where banks, institutions, hedge funds, money managers and millions of retail traders from across the globe are doing business 24/7. It is also the most liquid market in the world! When you travel from US to Europe for example and exchange your US dollars to Euros, you are also becoming a small drop in the ocean of this vast financial market. And there are millions of others like you who are travelling constantly and exchanging one currency to another! While it is true that Forex market offers unparalleled opportunities for financial freedom, the painful truth is that most retails traders get burnt in these markets. Without proper mentoring, training, money management and discipline your money can disappear in no time. In fact, over 95% of the retails traders are not successful! That is quite a disheartening statistic. Well, that is where www.dollarpips.com trading system comes to your rescue. Developed by an active Forex trader with well over 20 years of experience, it is a system that can detect trends and trend reversals with an amazing accuracy. While no one can guarantee 100% success in these markets, the trading system has been proven to deliver well over 85% success rate when you carefully follow the instructions.

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Risks Associated With Forex Trading

Trading Foreign Currencies Can Be a Challenging and Potentially Profitable Opportunity for Investors. However, Before Deciding to Participate in the Forex Market, You Should Carefully Consider Your Investment Objectives, Level of Experience, and Risk Appetite. Most Importantly, Do Not Invest Money You Cannot Afford to Lose. There Is Considerable Exposure to Risk in Any Foreign Exchange Transaction. Any Transaction Involving Currencies Involves Risks Including, but Not Limited to, the Potential for Changing Political and/or Economic Conditions That May Substantially Affect the Price or Liquidity of a Currency. Investments in Foreign Exchange Speculation May Also Be Susceptible to Sharp Rises and Falls as the Relevant Market Values Fluctuate. The Leveraged Nature of Forex Trading Means That Any Market Movement Will Have an Equally Proportional Effect on Your Deposited Funds. This May Work Against You as Well as for You. Not Only May Investors Get Back Less Than They Invested, but in the Case of Higher Risk Strategies, Investors May Lose the Entirety of Their Investment. It Is for This Reason That When Speculating in Such Markets It Is Advisable to Use Only Risk Capital.


Trading Foreign Exchange on Margin Carries a High Level of Risk, and May Not Be Suitable for All Investors. Past Performance Is Not Indicative of Future Results.the High Degree of Leverage Can Work Against Your Trade Decisions and Investments. Before Deciding to Invest in Foreign Exchange Kindly Consider You Investment Objectives With, Level of Experience and Risk Apetite.there Is a Higher Level of Possibility That You Could Sustain a Loss of Some or All of Your Initial Investment and Therefore You Should Not Invest Money That You Cannot Afford to Lose.you Should Be Aware of All the Risks Associated With Foreignexchange Trading, and Seek Advise From an Independent Financial Advisor if You Have Any Doubts.